Chamber of Commerce to promote the China Paper paper and related industries for sustainable development as its mission


Company prepares to be CPICC member should be qualified as following:

1、Paper-making  company and its related up or down stream corporation

2、adapt to market economy requirements, insist on correct business development direction, obey law and discipline, pay tax as required

3、Agree and comply with commerce constitution,execute commerce  decision,pay membership dues on time. 


1、Submit application form with stamp to commerce Secretariat

2、Submit corporation introduction, Business license copy

3、Get approval from Standing Council or its authorized unit.

4、Hand in one-year membership fee.

5、Granted with membership label by Standing Council or its authorized unit

Member’s rights: 

(see details from constitution article 10).

1、Have right to elect, be elected and decide;

2、Available to take part in all CPICC activities

3、Have priority for CPICC services

4、Obliged to give suggestions and supervise

5、With willingness and freedom both in enrollment and withdraw.


Member’s obligations 

(see details from constitution article 11.)

1、Carry out CPICC decision

2、Maintain CPICC legal rights

3、Complete CPICC assignment

4、Pay membership fee as required

5、Report to CPICC with detailed materials

Membership fee: 

3000RMB/year for each member

Account: China Paper Industry Chamber of Commerce

Bank: China Minsheng Bank Beijing Yayuncun (Asian Sports Village) Branch 

NO. 0122014210000540


Membership superiority

Apart from all rights in constitution, CPICC also provide the services as following:
1.To build communication channels between corporation and government functional department, publics, media, win over more government support, report more requirements, protect member’s interests, create a good develop environment.

2.Conduct industry research, compile research report for members.

3.Exploit CPICC resource and advantages to carry out training to improve corporation’s integrated quality.   

4.Freely provide CPICC REFERENCE, TALENTS INTEGRATION, and other CPICC publications. (These magazines are references of national ministries, research units, finance units, paper-making company and local governments)

5.Free pass for Paper& Pulp Industry Development Conference, Paper& Pulp Industry Development Forum, CPICC Annual Party, Member Representative Meeting and so on.

6.Have priority to join events organized by CPICC and its partners.

7.Advertise on CPICC media.

8.Provide prior communication opportunity on paper conference, member meeting and training for members. 

9.Upload latest industry news and materials on CPICC website for downloading. 

10.Advices service for member in improving corporation image, management, branding and public relation.

11.Provide support and assist service for member in Beijing. 

Download application form :


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